Russian-Speaking LGBTIQ Community Is Under Homophobic Attack
Lyosha Gorshkov, Co-President at RUSA LGBT has been threatened with his life and bodily harm after contradicting racist remarks coming from Malka Shahar during the life TV appearance on July 13th.
After that, Lyosha started receiving hate comments and messages from Malka’s followers, as well as herself personally. Malka has produced multiple posts accusing Lyosha in witch hunting.

Here is Lyosha’s statement along with the link with all screenshots translated into English:
“Dear friends, I have finalized all posts and comments from Malka Shahar and her followers, and translated it into English!
I was reading it systematically, and has gotten upset and frustrated because that reminds the Soviet/Russian prison with all jargon they used, and calling for violence. This is serious!
They have already called to lynch gay people, to physically abuse us, and thratened us with “well-armed mob / gang”.
We should be united at this point in order to secure our future, and future for all LGBTIQ individuals who are not out yet; who are suffering from bullying, discrimination, mistreatment; who are shivering behind the screen reading those outrageous comments; who are afraid to be picked on, and verbally abused for being themselves! We need to send to them and ourselves a little bit courage and understanding that we are not anymore in Russia / Ukraine / Uzbekistan / Tajikistan / Turkmenistan / Belarus / Georgia / Azerbaijan / Moldova / Armenia / Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan but in New York, in the U.S. where everyone has right to be him/her/themselves without a fear of being judged!
Remember! Do not fight bigotry with insulting or attacking them! Do not use their own tools! Be above! Be proud! And fight with LOVE to yourself and your significant ones!
Queer Mother”
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