RUSA LGBT Holds the First Town Hall with Queer Immigrants in Brighton Beach
On November 15th 2018 RUSA LGBT hosted a first ever Town Hall with Queer Immigrants in Brighton Beach!
Thank to everyone for coming to the Town Hall despite the inclement weather! You are heroes!
It was not as expected but we had a great conversation! RUSA appreciates Shorefront Y and it’s director Susan Fox for having us and this opportunity to open up a dialogue with the communities.
We are grateful to the NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and Yelena Tsodikovich for helping us out and providing us with a very important information.
Thank to Yelena Zhuklevich for her work with immigrants, including LGBTIQ immigrants from the psychotherapy perspective!!! Brooklyn Psychotherapy Services
We express our gratitude to Voices4 for their tireless support!
We cannot express how grateful we are for RUSA’s volunteers, members, allies who are with us and who support us from every single corner nation and worldwide. Love you!
Preparing this event, we had sent invitation out to over 30 community organizations in the area. We also invited people who were having concerns and holding critical views on Brighton Beach Pride. Neither of them showed up.
It’s symptomatic but neither of invited elected officials or community boards of NYPD people showed up.
As our co-president, Lyosha Gorshkov, said during the meeting, "We have to stick to each other and rely on ourselves in building up bridges between multiple communities in our neighborhoods, rather than to have high expectations from politicians. The success is rooted in our grassroots efforts to make changes!"
Keep it up! We are stronger together!
We will continue our dialogue.

Photos by Aleksander Beryozkin.