Queer Purges in Chechnya: a New Round and Vigil in NYC
Photo by Meduza
The new round of LGBTIQ purges takes place in Chechnya. The Novaya Gazeta reports that at least 2 people killed while some guys escaped Chechnya have reported that it might be about 20 people killed in torture.
The Chechen government continues persecuting LGBTIQ individuals justifying it with “religion”. Meanwhile, the Russian government is silent, covering up these atrocities.
Let’s get together to commemorate all victims of that purge, and remind the world that this is a GENOCIDE happening in 2019. We need to accumulate our strengths and amplify our voices!!!!! We have no right to forget about that!!!
The address fro Russian Consulate is:
9 E 91st St, New York, NY 10128.