Justice for Zelim Bakaev — Rally!
A year ago, Zelim Bakaev (a Chechen singer) has disappeared in Chechnya while visiting his sister’s wedding. That was a beginning of the third wave of anti-LGBTIQ purges taken place in Chechnya.
Since then, there have been a lot of rumors concerning Zelim’s disappearance, including Ramzan Kadyrov’s (The Head of Chechnya Republic) statement that Zelim was killed by his own family for being gay.
Despite multiple requests the Russian Investigative Committee still has not lunched any investigations in these regards.
Some Zelim’s friends believe that he is alive.
We would like to get together to Demand Justice for Zelim, and commemorate the date of his disappearance as a critical point symbolizing the genocide against queer people in Chechnya!
P. S. The initial event is organized by LGBTIQ group LGBT World Beside based in Netherlands. This group is organized by asylees from Chechnya!
Here is a link on the Group — http://lgbtworldbeside.org/
Please, when you go on the website Sign a petition created by LGBT World Beside!
Photo by Hunter Abrams


Link on the event — https://www.facebook.com/events/216 087 915 745 515/